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RW has been my first penname that I created back before I even had the internet, when I was about 7 or 8. It's something that's stuck, though has lost it's original meaning and recreated new meanings over time. It also spawned from one of my old email addresses, that no longer exists finally after 7 years of it sputtering, RW17268. The two names you'll end up seeing most often is May-VeggieGirl1, which shortens to MVG1, and DemandinCompensation, DC.

May-VeggieGirl1 has been a nickname I've used all over the internet for various subjetcs and fandoms, from Dragonball Z, which it originates from, to Naruto, Final Fantasy, and to SD Gundam Force. DemandinCompensation I invented one night while bored and wanting to make a new account on deviantart. It was going to be DemandingCompensation but it ended up not fitting by one letter. Thus, this was born. DemandinCompensation became my solely SD Gundam Force nickname.

Okay, bits about me. I'm almost 18, finishing up high school, and moving to Delaware where I hope to get a job as a Graphic Designer or Illustrator and keep going to school- community college or full time college. I have a pet rabbit who's is about 6 years old named Knihblyr... and that's about it for now.

I hope to improve my drawing skills in anime and in realistic portraits in charcoal and hope to be an author of a book one day.

SD Gundam Tomorrow Daily (SDTD) is based off of the anime show SD Gundam Force (SDGF) which aired several years ago on CartoonNetwork (CN). Since it's debut of season 1, consisting of 26 episodes, SDGF had problems with Bandai, Sunrise, and CN until finally all hope for CN to air the show died out. Since then, many determined fans have talked several times with the creators, and the actors, and now have season 2, also consisting of 26 episodes making it the longest running gundam series, available online for download through the InfraPink group. Since the official dubbing seems to be a dream, there are movements currently towards getting the anime subbed, or adding subtitles in English.

SDGF is about a young boy named Shute who, one day, discovered that the peaceful land of Neotopia was not so peaceful afterall when mono-eyed robots, who called themselves the Dark Axis, attacked his home. But the threat is minigated by a new robot who comes and protects Shute, using weapons Neotopia had granted him for the safety of Neotopia. His name is Captain Gundam and, strangely enough, quickly befriends Shute as the organization responsible for him, the Super Dimensional Guard (SDG) discover Shute is the key to activating the soul drive.
Meanwhile, another gundam had been outcasted from his homeland of Lacroa to seek the remedy for the petrifying effects of the Dark Axis' baggu baggu bugs and to save the land from the evil influence. His name is Zero the Winged Knight and although he is unsure about Captain and Shute, they quickly ally each other in a pinch. Learning the value of these new friends, Zero joins the two to protect Neotopia from further harm and to one day free Lacroa.
One day, the Dark Axis attacks a new critical place in Neotopia that is only reserved for the SDG's use- the section of the Dimensional Transport Device. The device is important to bring the fight to the Dark Axis and to travel back to Lacroa later, so it's safety was quite important. On accident, because of the new device's instability and the gate the Dark Axis used to travel to Neotopia, the Zakorello Gate, a portal is opened and brings about a hot-headed samurai on his horse. His name is Bakunetsumaru, riding Entengo, and he is quick to jump to a fight. After Captain risks his life to protect the unguarded newcomer, Baku is deeply touched and finishes the Dark Axis as quickly as he came. He realizes he is unable to return to his home, the warring Ark torn by civil war and interfered with by the Dark Axis, and accepts his fate of staying in Neotopia, to help stop the evil force alongside his new companions.

-Spoiler warning-
By the end of season 1, their friendship has fostered and the Gundam Force, mostly Shute, Captain, Zero, and Baku though technically Gunbike, Guneagle, and the Gundivers are also part of it, had stopped many a villain- from Tallgeese to Ashuramaru and finally Commander Sazabi of the Dark Axis.
Season 2 hits with a running start as problems occur immediately while traveling the dimensions- breaking through the Dark Axis and nearly being killed several times. It is quick to introduce a character named Genkimaru, the first and only child gundam to appear in the series, who is stubborn (a common trait of musha gundams from Ark it seems), mischievous, and sometimes quite selfish. At first snide then amazed, Genkimaru works against his father, Kibaomaru, the gundam spearheading the civil war movement in Ark and siding with the Dark Axis, and tries to protect his new friends. The other important character who actually becomes a member of the Gundam Force herself is the Princess of Lacroa, Rele.

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